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“The skill and talent of Dallas Kolotylo should absolutely speak for itself. What you may not know yet is just how wonderful these two people are. From the moment we met Dallas and Sabrina, my now husband and I knew we had met the two most lovely, authentic and enthusiastic people we could hope to share our wedding day with and capture our memories. From our get together in the pub to discuss the details, to the pre-wedding preparations and all the intimate moments which came all day – we felt we were in the more then capable hands of old friends. Their work has left me with hundred of photos from my day, that capture all the emotion, the big moments and the little tiny ones in between. When I look over my photos, I feel like I am reliving the day all over again. I would highly recommend Dallas & Sabrina to my closet friends. I can’t thank them enough for what they have given us.”— Thea & Stephen

“Dallas and Sabrina are phenomenal photographers and great people! While it is obvious from their portfolio how talented they are. It may not be as easy to see how amazing they are to work with so let me tell you! Professionalism and demeanour are on point. They are both very calm and knowledgable, which is HUGE when most of us have never done any of this wedding stuff before and may be stressed or anxious. They helped me from so many perspectives, always in a kind and suggestive way. Surprisingly, some vendors can be pushy or jaded, which always makes me think of how they can take a lesson or two from Dallas and Sabrina :) They are subtle and sneaky. They make a special effort not to impose or interrupt in order to capture the many fleeting intimate and authentic moments throughout the special day. So not only are you able to focus on the wedding experience without interruption, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the special moments you may not even have noticed on your wedding day that you now have permanently captured on film. Lastly, they are just nice people. I always felt like they were genuinely happy for us and truly enjoy their work and lifestyle. I had a very small destination wedding with <30 people, and multiple people later told us they didn’t even realize Dallas and Sabrina were the photographers and thought they were just our friends! My husband is a serious photography hobbyist and reviewed hundreds of options (he came to me with over 70 to review). Dallas and Sabrina were our top pick. We were so lucky they were available for our wedding date. I would recommend them to anyone!” – Nathan & Felicia

“Dallas and Sabrina are genuinely the sweetest people ever and so easy to get along with. I had been looking through a ton of Vancouver wedding photographers’ portfolios and stumbled upon some of their work—their unique editing style first caught my eye. After reading through their super heartfelt blog posts I just got “that feeling” and knew I had to have them. They really take the time to get to know you and help make your personality shine through in their photos—even with a large bridal party Dallas and Sabrina managed to capture tons of gems and made us all look amazing. The amount of thought that goes into each aspect of their work (location scouting, the details they pick up on, the one by one image editing…) is crazy, in a good way. I would 100% recommend Dallas and Sabrina for your engagement, wedding or anything other shoot! It was a pleasure having them there to immortalize some of the most special moments of our lives.” – Tia & Shaun

“There aren’t enough words to describe how happy we are with Sabrina and Dallas’ work. They are absolutely breathtaking – they are everything we wanted and more. Thank you for bringing life to these moments, we cannot thank you enough. Our close family members that we’ve shared this with so far have all reported back in tears and with happy hearts – they truly are beautiful. :) If I could give you guys 10 stars through Google Reviews, I would!” – Elisse & Andres

“Dallas and Sabrina are incredible. Not only are they hugely talented professionals, they are also two of the nicest people you could ever meet. We are so happy that they were a part of our day. They are the easiest guys in the world to work with and the photos they took are simply astonishing. They captured every important moment of our day even better than we remember them. We are so grateful that for the rest of our lives we can look back on the photos they captured and remember the fun and laughter we had in stunning quality. No matter where you are getting married in the world these guys will capture all of the important moments on your day like no one else. Thank you so much Dallas and Sabrina.” – Darren & Jackie

“After finding Dallas and Sabrina’s business card at a local coffee shop in Vancouver 10 years ago, I knew I would do whatever it took to have them photograph my wedding! Their style of photography was not anything I had ever seen before and I loved the moodiness of the pictures. It just looked so much more romantic to me. Then, finally I got engaged and emailed them the day after to get things rolling. I was SO excited to meet them and they were even more wonderful then I had imagined. Professional, funny, caring and most of all fun! The day of our wedding went by so fast and they caught the most BEAUTIFUL pictures for us to remember the day by. Our guests/family were blown away at how amazing the photos were as well! I HIGHLY suggest Dallas and Sabrina in every aspect they have to offer! You will NOT be disappointed! I can’t wait for them to shoot our family photos now too.” – Janita & Ryan

“We knew finding the perfect photographers for us would not be easy, especially when trying to decide from across the globe. We were so thrilled when we came across Dallas and Sabrina’s work on a wedding blog and everything else just fell into place. From the beginning, we were so impressed by their portfolio – their creativity, style, skill and ability to capture real moments. There was nothing overly contrived or formulaic, each wedding seemed unique and genuine. Then from our first Skype meeting, we knew they would be the perfect fit for us and our personalities. One of things we appreciated the most was the confidence we had in them and knowing we could trust them capture the day beautifully. They gave us great art direction and made us feel comfortable and relaxed. We are beyond thrilled with how all our photos turned out and cannot stop staring at them. They captured the mood and spirit of the day so perfectly. Not only are they insanely talented and professional, but also the most lovely couple to spend the day with.” – Joanna & Paul



30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography by Rangefinder Magazine
Canada’s top wedding photographers under 30 by the CPC for 2016, 2015 & 2014
100 Best Wedding Photographers in USA & Canada
First Place Winner for PDN Magazine’s Top Knot Awards
 Junebug Top engagement photographs in the world
 Junebug Top wedding photographs in the world


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