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Fabrics & Leathers

A collection of the most beautiful and unique materials to compliment your story.



Natural / LUX Linens
Natural linen bookbinding cloth is our most popular cover option.
Natural line is made with natural duo tone threads and has a semi rough feel.
LUX Line is a single thread and single colour with a smooth feel.

Premium Pastels
Beautiful hand loomed linen fabrics, they have a pleasant yet quite textured surface.

Genuine Leather
Smooth and gentle leathers directly from Italy.


Overprint Text for Linen
Great option to add your name or wedding date to your cover.A special foil is bonded with the linen which is flat and doesn’t dent the cover.
Available in gold & silver. Because it requires pressure and temperature on the entire cover it is not available on leather covers.


Embossing Leather
Embossing is a process of stamping the leather with letter blocks at great pressure and temperature.
Another great option to add your name or wedding date to your cover. We use one sans serif font which is 1cm high.
Available in plain or gold/silver color.