A little over a year and a half ago, my lovely wife Sabrina and I got married. For us, it was the perfect day. We had a really small wedding, about 25 of our closest friends and family were there. We had our ceremony on the beach with the ocean in front of us, in a beautiful private little bay on the west coast of Vancouver Island. But enough about us, this is about our photographers. We had two, our friends Ben Forbes and Amber French.

Ben and I had a special friendship as photographers, it was both of our dreams to be one, one day. We started to get into digital photography around the same time, always dreaming about new cool gear, drooling over high end lenses, learning new techniques, all that stuff. We would clear out a living room and set up a photo shoot to try new things, he would come over to Vancouver from Victoria and we would take out some small flashes and cheap radio triggers and set up photo shoots all over the city, learning about light, finding rad locations, it was a blast. We got some amazing photos.

Now to the point: I always said that when I got married I wanted Ben to do wedding photos for me, so of course he was there on the beach with us on our day. Naturally, the deal was that he shoots my wedding, and the day that he gets married, I’ll be there.

Well, that day came, and with it came the time for me to repay the favor. We knew that Ben and Jade (being photographers themselves) would be having a beautiful wedding, and we were stoked to shoot it. I love shooting photographer’s weddings. They know the right time to shoot, they pick fantastic venues, they make their weddings a visual feast. Ben and Jade did what all wedding photographers do for their wedding, they made it fantastic.

We are so excited to share these photos.

Dallas & Sabrina K.
Dallas Kolotylo Photography //Destination and Vancouver Wedding Photographers

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Dallas Kolotylo Photography - Vancouver and Destination Wedding Photographers, Victoria WeddingDallas Kolotylo Photography - Destination and Vancouver Wedding Photographers - Sea Cider Orchard Wedding on Vancouver Island

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Thank you so much Christina! :)

Stunning set of images and I absolutely love all the angles you covered – I know Sea cider can be tricky. Beautiful couple!

Wow thank you so much Brianna! I still love those shots of Gabby too, that was a fun day. Thank you for the kind words, hope you guys are doing well :)

Thanks Ruth, so glad you like them!

Thank you so much Briana! We are so glad you like the photo! :)


AMAZING pics Dally…your really caught the emotion of this day :)


BRAVO!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous. The most beautiful wedding photos I have ever, ever seen, ever. So Beautiful Dallas. The pictures you took of Gabby at China Beach are still my fav. pictures in the world. You are truly an artist.
Felt like I was watching an artsy, visually spectacular French Film, if most pictures say a thousand words, your pictures sing them.


Those pics are absolutely gorgeous!! Wow…the bride and groom look amazing and the day was captured so beautifully. Love them! Very creative with the lighting and angles. LOVE.

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