Lesley, Brian, their friends and family, and the gorgeous Casa Felix in Sitges Spain


Lesley and Brian spent their time at Casa Felix, a traditional home in a traditional town nestled in the hills off the Spanish Mediterranean coast. This beautiful place was full of beautiful people, and I don’t mean just good looks, though they had that in spades. These are the type of people that you can feel are beautiful, both inside and out. Of course they would find such a gorgeous place to get married. Casa Felix is the type of place where you think “I must be in a movie right now.” It’s fitting, considering how these two spend their lives.

Brian: a talented director, Lesley: a dancer/acrobat, and us, somehow in the middle of this incredible story with them. A story that went something like this…

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The courtyard at Casa Felix was a dream location for this perfect first look

We absolutely love the traditional Spanish architecture of this amazing venue. Everything here has been restored to its original beauty with traditional stone walls, wooden beam doors and native plants and gardens. This first look with Lesley and Brian was done during the day, but you can see that this space comes alive in the evening as well. The hanging lights make this intimate space a magical little dinner area for evening events. It’s the little details like this that make us love Casa Felix!

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On the night of September 1st, 2012

Lesley returned to Black Rock City for the last night of Burning Man. She left the desert earlier that week to audition for Cirque du Soleil and upon returning was greeted by Brian. He was packing for his 12-hour drive home. Excited with the news of her acceptance into Cirque du Soleil, Lesley convinced Brian to drop the bags and join her in the desert to celebrate. As the night went on, Brian decided it was time to return to camp, finish packing and get some sleep.

“No, we have to watch the sun rise!”

Lesley insisted, so they hopped on their bikes and rode across the desert as the morning light began to peek above the horizon. They approached a large dome structure, dropped their bikes and Lesley began to climb. Unequipped with the immense set of acrobatic skills Lesley possesses, Brian cautiously followed. They reached the top and discovered hammock netting covering the dome. It was here, in this moment, when Lesley and Brian watched the sun rise and enjoyed their first kiss…it wouldn’t be their last.”

These two completely stole our hearts, and we are honestly a little speechless after this wedding. Lesley & Brian, you two have something special and we were so incredibly honoured to be a part of your story. We truly felt like a part of your family that day, and we will always be grateful that we ended up at Casa Felix with you and your incredible friends, thank you.

Wedding photographer: Dallas & Sabrina Photography | Wedding planner/designer: A Spanish Do | Florist: The Original Fleurs | Caterer : Caravan Made  | Makeup/Hair: Teresa Snowball | Dress: Made with Love | Music: DJ Joel Jaggar | Invitation Designer: Rifle Paper Co | Grooms attire: Sene Studio

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Superb images. I really love the way you edit your pictures. They look so good. The color grading and contrast of the images is great. Thank you for the inspiration!

Thank you so much!!! Happy you love it

Thank you so much!!

They are absolutely lovely. I love the colors in this pictures. Lovely job! :)

Beautiful photographs!

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