Fleurish Floral Design is a Boutique Floral Design company specializing in weddings and special events.  Sheona, the owner of Fleurish Floral Design, contacted us to take some creative portraits of her floral arrangements for her new website http://fleurishfloral.ca/ . We knew this was going to be a fun shoot! Sheona didn’t want to “stifle our creativity” so she didn’t give us a lot of direction and gave us free range of the shoot. We decided to take creative photographs of the arrangements in two distinct styles. Dallas wanted to photograph the arrangements with studio lighting creating an effect of the flowers seemly “floating” on a white background, really highlighting the flowers every detail and colour.  I wanted to capture more of the feeling of the arrangement so i decided to use natural lighting and photograph the arrangements in an environment that had a specific feel or in more of a natural setting. Here’s what we came up with!

Sabrina K.