Sabrina and I have been married for just about three years now, and ever since we met we have been dreaming about taking an amazing trip together. We were always talking about where we would want to go, how long for, and when to do it. Last year we really, really, I mean REALLY wanted to go on a trip, but we were trying to be mature and somewhat responsible, so we came to the sad conclusion that we just couldn’t make it work.

Then we decided on a whim to book two tickets to China departing November 4th and flying home from Thailand, on January 15th.

Two and a half months, on a budget thinner than a sheet of tin foil. What the heck were we thinking?

“What’s going to happen to us tomorrow? Are we still going to be around? Are we still going to have the energy, the thirst for adventure, the desire to see something new? Are we getting any younger? What kind of life do we want?”

We were thinking this: If I look back on our life in 5, 10, 30 years time, am I going to wish I took the safe road, stayed at home, saved up my pennies, longed to travel to places I only see in my dreams and slowly, but surely, let our life get sterile and plain? Or am I going to think about the rush of saying forget the safe road, throwing it all to the wind, and taking off to do something awesome with the person I love?

A great friend of mine once told me “You can’t be too safe you know, it sucks the fun out of everything” He was almost seventy years old when he told me that, and I was thinking, I want to be like him.

So here is the first part of our trip, with many more to come soon! – Arriving in China, Beijing city, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City.

Photos by Dallas & Sabrina K.
Dallas Kolotylo Photography // Destination Wedding Photographers

Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer18China Nov 2013 - 4China Nov 2013 - 85bChina Nov 2013 - 21Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer17China Nov 2013 - 36Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer19Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer16Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer8China Nov 2013 - 77Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer7Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer57China Nov 2013 - 214China Nov 2013 - 215Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer49Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer28Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer23bDestination Wedding and Travel Photographer26Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer29Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer21bDestination Wedding and Travel Photographer31Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer24Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer41Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer32Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer34Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer36Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer30China Nov 2013 - 221bDestination Wedding and Travel Photographer35Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer37Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer40China Nov 2013 - 291China Nov 2013 - 256Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer38Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer47China Nov 2013 - 295China Nov 2013 - 294bDestination Wedding and Travel Photographer45Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer51bChina Nov 2013 - 309Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer42Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer48Destination Wedding and Travel Photographer53China Nov 2013 - 312

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Yes and yes! Let’s do dinner or something soon! :)

Thank you so much Camille!


Dallas + Sabrina: Just loved these images from China. The colors are gorgeous!

Correction: Your, not our. STUPID KEYBOARD!

Hey lovebirds, so glad you went! I love that pic of the soldier in Tiananmen Square. Those shots can be hard to get. Hope to see all our pics over some beers sometime.

-T. Crowe

Thanks Colleen! We will be posting more soon!


Love these photos Dallas and Sabrina. Love to see more

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