Yes, the great wall of China. This incredible piece of history, this amazing … thing … how can I describe it?

Growing up in North America, you just can’t comprehend this kind of history, this kind of construction, even this kind of landscape, it’s simply incredible.

There have been very few times in my life when I have experienced the phenomenon of being “Speechless” and the first time I laid eyes on the great wall, after an exhausting (and frankly terrifying) hike through the middle of no where, I was completely speechless. I simply couldn’t find any words to describe what I was seeing, so I took photos instead.

Here it is, our journey to the great wall of China.

Dallas & Sabrina K. Dallas Kolotylo Photography // Vancouver Wedding Photographers


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We hope to see you two again as well, it was so awesome meeting you guys!!


Thanks for keeping the wanderlust alive . . . Hope to see you two again in another far-off place. :)

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