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So here it is, it finally came, we finally made it through, and you’re going for it. I know, we all know, the last few years have been awful, but they are gone now, they can’t hurt you anymore. So yeah, let’s go for it. Let’s be your 2023 elopement photographer, because that’s what it’s going to be now. You’re always going to remember the year you got married, the year you decided that despite everything that pulled and pushed and shove and hit you back, 2023 was the year you made it happen. You’re never going to forget this, how could you?


Well, we’re in.

2023 Elopement Photographer // Dallas & Sabrina

So what are you thinking for your 2023 elopement? How about an epic adventure session like Shanice & Audi did? We had one of the most incredible times of our lives exploring the exotic and fascinating locations around Morocco. Check out just a few of the incredible highlights form the photoshoot we did with them:

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2023 Elopement Photographer working internationally

Or maybe a secluded and mysterious island adventure is more your style? Maybe somewhere off the coast of Africa, like one of the legendary Canary Islands? Well if that’s your speed then why don’t you take a look at a few of the incredible photos we captured with Loan & Javi on the stunning volcanic island of Lanzarote:

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Here are a few little snippets from some incredible elopements and weddings that we photographed in the last few years. Maybe you’ll even get a little inspiration for some epic locations where you would love to elope.

Are the mountains more your thing? I (Dallas) understand, I grew up in the epic Rocky Mountains of Canada. Well, I certainly felt the same sense of awe and wonder when we photographed Gian & Katy in the incredible Swiss Alps.

Elopement Photographer in 2023Elopement photographer in Europe 2023

How about something warm, sunny, inviting, like maybe Spain? We captured some unforgettable memories with Lesley & Brian at Casa Felix just outside of beautiful Sitges SpainElopement photographer in Spain 2023 2023 Spain Elopement


I’m serious, we’re in. We are as over the last few years as you are, we can’t wait to put it behind us. We can’t wait to look back and realize how crazy it was, and how we got through it. We also want to make 2023 an amazing year, we want to be your 2023 elopement photographer.

We love photographing epic elopements, in fact over half of the weddings we shoot each year are destination elopements! In fact, you can see one of our most recent destination elopements on the incredible island of Mallorca by clicking here. You can also see one of our beautiful Sitges weddings right here. Or Take a look through our portfolio to see some of the beautiful places and people we loved photographing recently. You might even get a little inspiration for your celebration while you search for your 2021 elopement photographer :)

So yeah, let’s do this.

We want to be your 202s elopement photographer. We want to take the garbage of last three years and make some incredible memories for this one. We want to take you on an epic adventure and create some epic photos for you. In an absolutely epic time in your lives.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Dallas & Sabrina K



Oh hi again!!

Still looking I see, well why don’t you take a look at a few of our most favourite and most recent photos photos from epic weddings and elopements all over the world. Many have been featured in some amazing publications as well such as Junebug Weddings, Rangefinder Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Brides and others!

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2023 Elopement Photographer // Dallas & Sabrina