Leah and Simon, two of our best friends, finally admitted to each other that they loved each other and decided to get married. This wedding was far from a typical wedding for us. Not only were we photographing their wedding, we were also both in the wedding itself! The day was perfect. Thirty-two of their best friends and family standing in front of our friend’s cabin porch in the middle of a forest on a remote west coast island. You can say it looked like a dream. It was anything but ordinary. Here are some of our favourite photographs from the day.

– This wedding has been published on RocknRoll Bride , Bella Umbrella  and Uschi & Kay

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[…] Recently they shot a wedding on Orcas Island that featured some of Jodell’s gorgeous vintage umbrellas. You can see all of the awesome shots on their blog. […]

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hey what is your fb page

Hi Emma, they had their wedding on their friends cabin porch in Orcas Island, USA. Then they had their reception at a little hotel by the coast. It was beautiful!

emma cairns

where did you have your wedding? its absolutely gorgeous!!

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