So I’m hanging out with my friend Simon, he’s Australian, a killer chef (I’m talkin’ for real chef), a former roommate of mine and an all around great guy. He’s always talking about/reading these really great magazines, but they aren’t really magazines in the traditional sense of the word, they are more like artistic documentary journals. Really great stuff, with really interesting articles about really cool places and super neat people. The kind of stuff that makes you think “wow that’s really great! we should totally do that! and be like them!” and then you try, and you realize it takes an insane amount of dedication and work to pull off the thing that they made look so simple. Well anyhow one day Simon is telling me about this great magazine he’s been reading lately, called Kinfolk, and he just wont shut up about it. So finally after him not shutting up about it for several days I get the opportunity to take a look at this Kinfolk magazine, and Im totally blown away by it. Go check out their site here : and scroll through the pictures. They will be able to explain a lot better about who they are and what they do but the point is that their photography really caught me. I couldn’t quite put into words what I have been looking for recently, trying to find something new, some way of shooting that I was trying to get at but couldn’t quite translate, then I looked at the photos in Kinfolk and it just made sense to me. I loved the style, I loved the colors, I loved the moments, I loved it. I thought to myself “I want to do this” so for the past little while Ive been taking a lot of inspiration from their wonderful pages and trying to apply it to a little personal project that I’m starting. The pieces are starting to come together, and these photos are the first of them, an afternoon with our good friends Simon, Leah and Sabine, doing something simple. Thank you Kinfolk, and Simon.

Dallas K.



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