2013 was a pretty crazy year for us, a surreal whirlwind of excitement and fear of the unknown. To those that know us personally know that the past few years for us hasn’t been picture perfect.

When Sabrina and I met, her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Going through so much together not only made us closer than ever but also solidified what was most important to us in life.  To every one of course this is different, but to us spending time and enjoying our life together is extremely important, especially seeing first hand how quickly life can disappear.

Then came Dallas Kolotylo Photography. Sabrina initially put together the business for me,  seeing something that I did not yet see, (which explains if you have ever wondered why our business is under my name) but I knew if I was going to do this I wanted to do this together.  So after a bit of convincing, a ton of research, reading and practise our little business with both Sabrina and I was born. From the get go we knew exactly what we wanted for the future of our photography. We wanted to create the best photographs that we possibly could and capture all the moments before they would be lost. To do that for us we decided we would only take on a limited number of weddings each year so that we could really give the absolute very best to each of our couples, always stay passionate and creative and personally stay healthy, have time for each other and the things that are important to us. Many people thought we were nuts to turn down work at the start of our little career, but we knew our limits and knew that wanted to create the best photographs we could rather than create an excess of mediocrity and a failed marriage. Our goal was to be full time photographers by the end of the year. Many people, even including some well meaning friends,  said it wouldn’t be possible.

Looking back at 2013 is hugely rewarding for us. We greatly enjoyed 2013, as our first year solely  and successfully working for our selves. We want to say a big thank you to all the couples who let us be apart of their lives, and to all the  blogs and publications that saw something in our work and featured us. To top it off we are humbled to have one of our photographs chosen as one of the top wedding photographs in the world in 2013 by Junebug Weddings,  also to be a finalist for the best bride and groom portrait for the 2013 BC Wedding Awards, and to top that off wrote this post from Thailand which has also been another dream of ours.

We are greatly looking forward to 2014 and all the amazing couples we will be photographing.

Here it is, in no particular order, our some of our favourite photographs of 2013.

Dallas and Sabrina K.
Dallas Kolotylo Photography // Vancouver Wedding Photographers

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Are you getting married and looking for a destination or Vancouver wedding photographer? 
Contact us anytime, we would love to meet up, get to know you and talk about your wedding over a nice cup of coffee.


Wow!! I’m speechless amazing photos that are pieces of art!

Andrea Pysh

Gorgeous pics as always! #1fan.

Thank you so much Becca!

Hi Stefan, so glad you like it! This photo was taken on the top of a mountain in Pitt Meadows B.C. and the couple did fly us there by helicopter to take their bridal portraits. :) It was a pretty awesome day!

Caroline! Thank you so so much! So glad you like our work. All the best for this year to you!

Thank you so much John! Just took a look at your site, you have some fantastic work your self! Hope to meet you as well! All the best for 2014.

Thank you so so much Johanna! All the best to you as well for 2014! :)

Thank you so much Ayesha!!

Hey Sachin! Thanks a million! Can’t wait and we will see you soon for a beer!

Thank you so much Kellee! :) All the best for 2014 to you as well!

Becca Dilley

You make such great use of the spaces you are in, and sometimes unexpectedly. Beautiful 2013!


wow, serious set of images here. 2013 was amazing for you guys! truly TRULY awesome stuff.

Stefan Hellberg

Opening shot, wow, roof top shot yeah! Heli shot, I want to know more? :)

Kellee Walsh

Wow! Fantastic year!!! So many incredible images. All the best for 2014 :)

Sachin Khona

You guyyyyyssssss. What a year.
2014 will be even more epic. All the best!


what a breathtaking year, guys… seriously incredible! well done!


Such a perfect year! I especially love the DE of the couple at the beach and all the mountain photos. All the best for 2014, I bet it’s going to be awesome! :)


Wow, every frame is gorgeous!!

John Bello

Congratulations on a stellar year of beautiful images. I’m glad to see fellow Vancouver photographers raising the bar- hope to you meet you two soon, cheers to the new year!!

So stoked you like it! :)


Great images!! Those double exposures are killer. Love your stuff.

Thanks so much Stefanie! :)

Thanks a million Tomasz! We had a fantastic time with you and your team as well, would love to work with you guys again!

Hey Tyler! They are some of our Favourites!

Thanks so much Jade! :)

Your photos are amazing! Love your style :)

Nice to see a couple of my brother’s wedding photos among those!

Tomasz Wagner

Way to go, guys! The opportunity to work with you in 2013 was a pleasure, and I hope we can do it again!


amazing work you two! It was a big year!

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